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Wide range of Google Android Pad available here
Welcome to MID Pad, the Home of the MID Pad. The Pad is a real alternative to the Apple iPad, offering more freedom, more features and much more powerful functionality. The Google MID Pad is the best edition of the Pad, released on the 15th of May 2010 and it is proven to be the most popular MID tablet computer available. MID Pad will be your source of those popular type of Pad available on the market.

The 7 inch screen of the Google Pad strikes a perfect balance between usability and portability. The Tablet PC is half the weight of most models of Apple iPad, has more input and output options and far greater scope for expansion. Also, with the Tablet computer running Android 1.5 it is the smoothest and stable tablet PC available. So before you buy an Pad, be confident we will have all the information you need to help you choose a Pad and know you are getting the best edition available.

The MID Pad is a range of portable tablet computers from China. All models of Pad have touch screen functionality. The operating system is drawn between either Google Android or Windows CE. There are unbranded Pads available, but the build quality is lower than the higher quality branded models.

Some of the unique most desirable aspects of the Pad are it is light weight (far lighter than an Apple iPad), higher build quality than other Pads, higher quality electronic components (such as high performance screens and an increased quality and capacity of built-in rechargeable battery), memory performance and also the general chassis build quality (such as higher quality plastic used for the injection molded casing).

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